Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Testing on the Horizon

It is the time of the school year when testing starts lurking in the future.  You are stressed, the day is drawing nearer and it seems that everything you have taught your students throughout the year has jumped right from their brains.  Rest assure that they will do fine.  Here are a few tips to help review before the big day:

1. Review Testing Skills
- covering answers to see if you can answer first
- highlight important words
- highlight the answer in the text
- showing all of your work
- read the questions first

2. Review Types of Questions
- Check out online sample questions and review with your students.  This gives them the chance to ask questions.

3. Give Out "Smart" Pencils
- I like to give students a smart pencil at this time of the year.  The students study with their smart pencil.  They tell the answers to the smart pencil so that on testing day the pencil knows the answers too!

4. Stock Up On Snacks!

5. Plan Fun Learning Activities
- Do something fun after testing to engage your students.  (Play learning games, set up economy store, write reader's theaters, have students design math games.)


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