Monday, April 22, 2013

Fantastic Research Day 1

I hate it has taken me 15 years to figure this out, but today was an eye opening experience.  I recently learned about the Big 6 research method.  I created a journal for my students to complete as they went through the process.  Today we did the Location and Access step of the research process.  The main thing we did the entire time was search, pull books and locate web resources.  The students were relaxed and excited about finding their materials.  In the past, this day was the day I wanted to pull my hair out! The day I wanted to change my name! The day I wanted silence after 3pm!  But not today. Today I am pumped and ready for USING the information tomorrow.

Tomorrow the students will actually sit and READ the materials they found today.  They will find a relaxing spot in the Media Center to do their research reading.  

More updates to follow!


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