Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Review: Here I Am by Patti Kim

If you are looking for a book to use with ESOL students and struggling writers then this is the book for you.  Here I Am  by Patti Kim is a wordless book about a boy who moves to America.  The pictures are fantastic and have a bit of graphic novel set up as there is more than one picture on the pages.  Learning to live in a new place, especially a new country is a struggle.  The main character learns that sounds, smells, and tastes have a universal language.  A definite read for all students. It is coming out September 2nd. Just in time for a new school year!

Ways to use in the classroom:
1. Use as a read aloud by having the students tell you what is happening on the pages.
2. Use with ESOL students by giving them connections to the text.  Write the words they say so they can use it to retell the story again.
3. Use with struggling writers.  Have them write what they think is happening on each page.  Discuss the parts of story, details, and message as you work with the student.
4. Put out for independent reading.  My 10-month old couldn't stop looking at the pictures!
5. After reading have students write/tell about a time they moved or tried something new.

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