Monday, August 5, 2013

Ready to Write Fiction?

Are you ready to get your students motivated to write? This writer's workshop guides students through the writing process and teaches them how to plan and write a fiction story. 

This writing unit contains: 

- Daily lessons on showing emotions and actions, creating characters, 
setting, and plot, and mini-lessons on adjectives, adverbs, adding -
transitions, creating enticing beginnings and endings, using a
thesaurus, and how to use quotation marks. 
- Handouts are provided for the lessons. 
- Wall Display of all writing guides, and writing process. 
- Transition words wall display. 
- Editor's Checklist 
- A Unit Study Guide and Unit Test 
- Thesaurus Scavenger Hunt 
- Guidelines on HOW and WHEN to conference. 
- Conference Sign Up Sheet 
- Teacher Questions for Conferencing and Conferencing Tips
- Publishing Suggestions
- Suggested Books to Use for Lesson Topics
- Options for Struggling Writers 
- Suggestions for Differentiation
- Exemplars 
- Rubric for Grading 


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