Thursday, September 5, 2013

Survey Help Needed!

I am doing a teacher training for my EdS and I need some information on how people teach Guided Reading.  The survey is only 10 questions.  If you complete the survey I will send you borders/papers for your classroom.  Promise it won't take more than 5 minutes. 

Here is what to do: 
1. Complete the survey (no names are on the survey so just be honest please) 

3. Find a set of borders/papers you want.  

4. Reply to this email with the name of the borders you want and I will send them to you! (Sometimes school accounts won't allow a file this big, so if you have another account let me know). 

PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANY TEACHER FRIENDS YOU THINK WOULD WANT TO HELP ME.  THEY CAN GET FREE STUFF TOO! (Just tell them to email me at saying they completed the survey and the name of the border set they want).  

Thanks for your time!  I really appreciate it! Have a fabulous day! 


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