Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Teaching Time Savers: Procedures and Policies

Are you a new teacher setting up your classroom or a veteran teacher looking for new ideas?  The first of our Teaching Time Savers series is what you need!  The Procedures and Policies  Pack has over 100 pages of ideas for preparing your policies and procedures.  We have created samples for you to use or edit to meet your classroom needs!

Teaching Time Savers: Procedures and Policies

Items included:
Things to think about page for each procedure presented. 
Opposing points-of-view for the Super Organized Teacher and the Organized Chaos Teacher. 
Additional Suggestions for each procedure or policy. 
Parent Communication Log 
Behavior Reports and Checklists
Student Self-Assessments
Homework Bulletin Board Labels
Supply Labels
Student Subject Labels for Folders and Notebooks
Hall Passes 
Field Trip Forms 
Sign Language Suggestions for communicating students needs such as water, bathroom, and pencil. 
Transportation/Dismissal Forms
Classroom Library Labels
Student Job Suggestions
Parent Volunteer Forms
Lesson Plan Template


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