Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Daily Assessments

One thing I always wanted for my classroom was a daily assessment where I could get accurate data on what the students know.  I also wanted data on my science and social studies.  It was important for me to see what my students could do on their own.  I had found many homework packets or assignments that could be used for morning work, but they didn't fit my need.  Homework never gave me a true picture of what my students could do and most of the morning work assignments had too many questions.

I decided to make a daily assessment for myself.  My goal was to introduce ELA and math topics and then gradually give students more to do on their own each day.  For example in the 3rd grade daily assessment nouns are introduced with definitions and examples.  The next day, students use that knowledge to find nouns and then later they must decipher between nouns and verbs.

With the science and social studies I wanted them to reflect research in the real world.  If the students don't know the answers to the science and social studies questions then they should be able to use the key words to research and find the answer.  One of the main goals of 21st Century Learners is that students are able to find and use information.

The other goal of this daily assessment is that it could be completed rather quickly.  This would help keep up with all students completing the assignment each day regardless of their arrival time.  It could also be an easy assignment for students to work on when they finish other subjects early.  And if a student was absent several days it would be easy make-up work.

So with all of those goals in mind I began my 3rd grade Daily Assessment.  Below is a link to the first quarter of third grade.  The Combo Pack link is also below.  The third grade pack for the entire year (180 days) will be completed in the next month and the fourth grade pack is in the works.  That pack will be completed by the end of September.  A combo pack will be available for purchase for fourth grade as well.

Sample Pages 


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