Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back 2 School: Week 3 - Get To Know You Games

I am linking-up with Erin Shurbutt from Snazzy In Second for week 3 of the Back 2 School Link-Up. This week we are focusing on games to help you and your students get to know one another.  I have 3 of my favorites to share with you.  

This is a game I started using a few years ago.  It was perfect in helping me learn my students names and getting an idea of their personality as well. 
    1. Have each student choose a “sign” to go with their name.  (For example: I will say, “Mrs. Zannini” and pat my stomach.)  So my sign is patting my stomach. 
    2. Go around and have the students tell their name and show their sign.  I like to do this in the old “I’m going on a trip” fashion.  And we go back to the beginning.  If it is taking too much time I will restart in the middle.  
    3. On the second day of school, we review our signs and names and we play “Pass the Sign.”  This time I will say my name and sign and then say and do the sign for another person.  We continue to pass.  You can have students sit once they have gone so everyone has a turn, or you could divide the class into two groups.  
    4. On the third day, we review the signs again.  then we play pass the sign without saying names.  You can even send someone out of the room and start passing it behind the back of the guesser. 
I also like to use this during my lessons the first few weeks and do the sign while I call on someone’s name.  Or have the students watch me do a sign to see who’s turn it is next. 

Human Chain 
This one is an oldie but goodie.  
    1. Divide the class into groups of 5.  
    2. Have the students get in a circle. 
    3. Have the students take their right hand and put it in the center.  They will reach out and grab the hand of someone in their group. 
    4. Then the students take their left hand and put it in the center and grab a DIFFERENT person’s hand. 
    5. They have to untangle themselves without letting go.  
    6. They will end in a large circle. 
This game is perfect for team building.  I use this a lot if I have a class that doesn’t get off to a great start working together.  It’s like the story I heard about the lady who had two cats.  The cats hated each other and wouldn’t get along at all.  So she poured some tuna juice on their backs and locked them in the bathroom for an hour.  When she opened the doors their were curled in a ball licking the tuna juice off each other’s back.  

This game, makes the students work together and through finding a “way out” they build friendships and team work. 

Snowball Fight 
This is a perfect game to use throughout the year. 
    1. Give each student a piece of paper. 
    2. Have them write their name in the center of the paper. 
    3. The students will ball up their paper.  
    4. One your count, they will throw the paper. 
    5. Each person grabs one snowball.  Opens it up.  And writes one thing they know about the name on the paper or writes a question they would like to know about that person.  
    6. Repeat 5-10 times.  
You can use this one all year.  You can use it as a review before a test (For example - Rocks and minerals - write rock, mineral, rock cycle, etc. on the papers and toss.)  You can even do this as a review right before standardized testing.  You can do it for compliments.  I have my students write a compliment about that person.  This is great to do in the middle of the year when they are spending a little too much time together. 

I like to give each student a different color marker.  If I don’t have that many colors, I change up the writing tool.  So you may have 3 oranges, but one will be a marker, one a color pencil, and one a crayon.  This just let’s you get an assessment of what the students are sharing, and asking.  You know who is writing what but the kids don’t.  
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