Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wonderful Writing Wednesday: Tools for Writing Fiction

Writer's workshop has been my passion since I was in the 3rd grade.  I had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Campbell, who gave us time to write and encourage us to enter our writing into challenges.  I wrote this wonderful story titled, "The Stolen Pony."  I was a fantastic mystery with 007 saving the day.  I even did the illustrations.  It was such a hit that I won a trip to a young writer's conference at Clemson University.  Since then I have been trying to reach that same success.   But, alas, writing mysteries is not my talent, but teaching writing, and making my students love writing is a talent.

I have spent the last few years fine tuning my Writer's Workshop lessons to help make writing fun, and let the words flow on the page.   I recently updated my Fiction Narrative Writer's Workshop.  I originally had designed this for multiple grades (2nd-5th).  After revisiting it this spring I was not happy with what I had provided and the order of the product.  I had originally written this while I was pregnant with my son and reading over it, it was clear I had pregnancy brain in full swing.

The current unit addresses 2nd grade standards. The 3rd - 5th grade ones will be available in the next month.  I added 10 more lessons, a student handbook that can be printed at the beginning of the unit, a fiction journal with 10 topics related to the standards taught in the unit, a grade specific unit assessment, and essential question posters.

The unit now begins with a look at types of fiction.  I then guide students through developing characters, setting, and a plot.  The next lessons guide students through describing feelings and showing what is happening.  By the time the students actually begin drafting, they have ample planning resources to help the story come alive on the page.  Mini lessons on conferencing, editing, revising are built into the drafting days to help assist the teacher in setting expectations.  Additional mini-lesson address 2nd grade Common Core language standards.

I decided to combine this writer's workshop with my 2nd grade Personal Narrative Workshop and my 2nd Grade Poetry Unit for a 4 month bundle on creative writing.

What are your newest ideas or revisions?  I'd love to find new lessons to promote learning!

Happy Wednesday,

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