Thursday, August 6, 2015

3 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Parents

I am linking up again with Erin Shurbutt from Snazzy In Second for the final week of our Back 2 School link-up. This week we are discussing effective ways to communicate with parents.  Here are 3 easy ways.

1. Student Weekly Self-Assessment:
I used to spend a great deal of my week preparing behavior checklists to go home with students each week.  I never felt this was very effective or a good use of my time.  I began handing that responsibility over to the students.  I created a weekly self-assessment that students used to assess their week.  You can read more about this and get freebies here.

I found that this opened up more communication with parents and the students. The results were much more authentic since it came from the students.

2. Weekly Newsletter:
Google Docs makes it so easy to share materials with students.  When I began teaching I felt that it was the responsibility of my students to communicate the events with parents, but now that I have my own kids who come home and tell me "I don't know,"  I realized that parents need a window into the classroom.  This newsletter doesn't have to be anything elaborate, just get out the important information and dates.  Having it online saves paper, but it is easy to make copies for those parents who prefer a hard copy.  Keep old copies and add the newest one to the front.  Then you have documentation of communication throughout the year.

3. Remind App:
This app is a great tool to use with students and parents.  With the age of technology most families have a phone with texting capabilities.  Learn more about this app at

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  1. I totally agree that having your own child makes you view parent communication differently. I also thought kids should tell their parents about ______ but now I'm like it's just easier to have clear, truthful information coming home (not that my daughter intentionally lies but at 2 1/2 she isn't the best communicator).

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