Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Twitter Book Clubs Teachers Need to Follow

Are you looking for new literature to use in your classroom?  Stuck with minimal time to read the new books coming into your library?  Let these two book clubs give you a little help.

1. Sharp Schu Book Club
This monthly book club led by Colby Sharp and John Schu focuses on great books for the elementary level. New books are presented each month and many of the books are NEW books.  I love that there is an inside look on using the most current literature.  This book club is held once a month on Twitter. Here is the information about the February Twitter Chat (February 10th).  Oh and if you haven't checked out their blogs, well you are missing out.  So much information, so much fun, and so many great book suggestions.

2. #2jennsbookclub
This book chat focuses mainly on YA.  It is led by Jennifer LaGarde and Jennifer Northrup. The list for this season is posted and ready to download.  I love that the books for each season are predetermined way ahead of time.  I get a chance to read ahead and have time to take advantage of the local and school library.


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