Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Getting the Most Out of Author's Share

Author's Share is  my favorite part of the writing lesson.  It is the part where students show bravery, where they show kindness, and where I see the most growth.  Author's share is the perfect wrap-up and my chance to have whole group conversations about topics or mistakes I see in my one-on-one conferences with students.

Each grade has speaking an listening standards that need to be assessed. Author's share is a great way to assess growth and mastery in these standards.

Tips for a Great Author's Share
1. I choose who shares.  This eliminates students getting upset over sharing or not sharing.  I will usually post the list right before my last conference so that the students sharing have a few minutes to prepare. 

2. Have the students read aloud first.  Then ask the audience if they have any "LIKES."  As these are shared I note them on a piece of paper for the student to read at a later time.  Then I ask if anyone has any "QUESTIONS."  These questions can be anything that might have been confusing or that the future readers may want to know more about.  I will write these on post-it notes so the student can see these and place them where they may need revisions at a later date.  (If you have time, take a quick picture of these likes and questions before giving them to the student, just in case they get lost). 

3. Make this time important.  Even if your day runs short, or you have a fire drill, assembly, or any of the many things that get you off schedule, make time for this.  If your lesson gets cut short or you lose track of time, pack up 5 minutes early that day and have the student share before dismissal.

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