Monday, April 11, 2016

6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in the Classroom

Today I am linking up with my friend Meghan Harris from Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris to bring you ideas for Earth Day in the Classroom. Keep reading to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Here are 6 ways to celebrate Earth Day in the classroom.

1. Plant something - Nothing is more beautiful in spring than bright flowers and new green growth. Choosing a class plant(s) to place on the school grounds is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. Taking care of it as it grows over the last month of school is another exciting journey and an easy one to tie in measurement and science experiments.  If you have a school where there isn't anyone to water over the summer, just put it in a container that you can take home over the summer and bring back in the new school year.

2. Write poetry to celebrate the Earth - Haikus are the perfect writing assignment for Earth Day. These short Japanese poems about nature are perfect for teaching syllables and word choice. Take the final drafts and add an art design for a quick wall display.

3. Conduct a science experiment - Use this runoff experiment to teach students about littering.  Download the Lab Guide for this runoff experiment.

4. Hold an Earth Day Debate - Persuasive writing and speaking is an important standard to cover.  Students also need to be willing to think about and listen to another perspective.  Here are some interesting topics to use for the debate.  I find it interesting to hear students talk about a topic from a different perspective.

5. Perform community service in the school - One of the easiest ways to do this is to have students clean up the school grounds.  Gather some plastic gloves, a few trash bags, and some hand sanitizer and head out to recess a few minutes early.  (I always let my administration know ahead of time so they would know why we went outside early.) Once the students have helped clean, give a little hand sanitizer and send them off to play.  I am always amazed at the students who continue to ask to spend the first few minutes cleaning up the playground.

6. Play A Game - Make 4 Corners into a science game.  As students play, tell reasons why a population might die off.  Take owls for example.
- In the first round the ones not in the corner are living in areas that are being cleared for new houses.
- In the next, there is a pollutant being ingested by the mice they eat.
- For the third round, the water the owls drink is polluted.
- In the following, an owl accidentally consumes litter.
When you are finished have the students write a reflection on the game.  What did they learn?  How could they help protect the owl population?  What other factors could cause the owl population to decrease?  You can do another round for animals in other habitats.

Want more ideas?  Hop on over to this post by Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris.

You can also have your whole Earth Day planned for you with this Earth Day Craftivity.

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