Tuesday, January 12, 2016

5 Social Studies Writing Prompts that Get Kids Thinking

When you are rushing through your science standards at this time of year, take some time to check for student understanding. I know that time is closing in, you have way more to teach than time left in the day. Let students demonstrate their understanding with these writing prompts. These are great ways to integrate subjects and easy the "time" worry.

What would life be like if the British had won the American Revolution?

Describe what life would be like if the civil war has caused a permanent separation of the north and south.

How would life be different if cars had not been invented? Would you travel as much?

Pick a war you have learned about this year. Write a journal entry as if you are a soldier in that war. Add details based on what you have learned.

Pick a community service member (firefighter, police officer, etc). Write a journal entry decrying a day in your life.


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