Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My New Design!

After years of playing around trying to figure out designing a blog, I finally admitted defeat!  I searched for awhile trying to find help and found Kassie from  I couldn't be happier with my decision!  By answering a few questions and doing a little research, I was able to give her answers to made this blog me.  When I arrive at the page it feels like home.  I've spent almost 40 years buying notebooks and pens to journal.  Well, no more!  This is my ultimate notebook.  I hope you find the new design easy to use and that it helps you find resources and tips to help your kids thrive!

Monday, June 29, 2015

New Design Coming Soon!

I am so excited! I am working with Designs by Kassie to create a design that reflects my work! I've seen a sample and I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas to have it all in place! 

You can also follow me now on Bloglovin'. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dare To Dream

I have spent the past two weeks following the Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Challenge and this week's challenge was Dare to Dream.  This week I am focusing on why I even sit here at the table during my family vacation working on products for Teachers Pay Teachers.

The first reason is that it is fun!  Writing lesson plans to me is like playing Candy Crush is to other people.  It's fun and challenging and makes my brain work.  I also like the fact that Teachers Pay Teachers had allowed me to continue doing what I love (teaching) while staying at home with my kids.  I currently have an almost 3-year-old and an 18-month old.  They make finding time to work a challenge, but I like having something that keeps my brain engaged.  It's fun to do the math and realize that if every teacher who bought my poetry unit taught 25 kids and only taught the unit ONE time that almost 100,000 kids have learned poetry through my plans and ideas!

I have asked for a horse for every birthday and Christmas for almost 40 years.  I recently started riding again because my 2 year old fell in love with horses and had the confidence to start riding.  I'd love to be able to let my TPT funds help both of us live a dream once I go back into the classroom.

I believe that what happens outside of the classroom is just as important as what happens in the classroom.  I want my children to explore interests and I love that Teachers Pay Teachers allows for me to be a stay-at-home mom and pay for them to ride horses, take gymnastics, and learn music.  I love that I can pay for these things and it not put any further burden on my husband being the main income.  I've been able to pay for babysitting and small vacations, and my dog's trips to the groomer.
Having two babies 17 months apart has meant that I spent a lot of my time in yoga pants.  Yoga pants are wonderful for playing on the floors, being covered in drool and spit up and the hours spent potty training.  As much as I love my yoga pants I am ready to either A. get better yoga pants or B. venture to buying clothes that will withstand the minor hurricanes that toddlers bring.  I want to be able to buy something every now and then that reminds me that I am me and not just a stay-at-home mom.