Monday, August 31, 2015

September A Poem Each Week

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Notes to My Children - #1

I have never been great about documenting the lives of my children.  I tried to be one of those on top of it moms who had monthly photos of my kids, but after month 3 time got away from me.  With my second kid he got photos on my phone but nothing with a monthly sticker on his chest.  Heck, the only reason he has a photo up in the house is that his preschool made me a framed picture for Mother's Day.  I don't have height charts, or files of artwork, and I definitely don't have monthly pregnancy pictures.  That, however, doesn't mean I don't love my children.

At night when everyone is asleep I lay in bed thinking of all of the things I should tell my children. The words I should say during the day, but get lost in the busy shuffle of the day.  And at 18 months, and 3 years, they might not sit to hear or understand them all.  I decided to write them monthly notes so they know all of the things I want for them.  Here is the first installment of Notes to My Children.

Dear G and Beni,

The most important thing you need to know is that you are loved.  You are loved through the temper tantrums and the early morning wake-ups.  You are loved while you refuse to eat, or get dressed, or go to the potty.  You are loved in every second of the day.

From the moment I held you both, you were loved fiercely.  Each of you have your own story.  G girl you decided to arrive 2 weeks early. Being early has been the theme to your first 3 years of life.  You were early to walk, to climb, to swing upside down on the bars, to sing your favorite songs, and to question the ways of the world.  Beni, you came on the day we chose, New Year's Eve.  You have spent your 18 months doing everything as planned.  As long as you are "up" you are content with the ways of the world.

Your hugs, kisses, snuggles, and words motivate me to be the best mother I can be.  I am blessed to have two wonderful people enter my world.   You amaze me day in and day out with your love for others, your passion for learning, and your zest for life.

Always know that you are loved.