About Me

Twenty years ago I taught a kindergartener how to write the letter "J".  His name was Jonathan Johnson so writing "J" was pretty important to me.  I quickly went back to college with a signed picture from him and changed my major from Marine Biology to Education.  Since then I have spent my days trying to find more of those ah-ha moments.

I began my teaching career in an alternative school teaching sixth grade.  To gain a seat in my classroom a student had to be expelled from the regular school program.  I learned more from these students than any college program ever could.  I quickly learned that if you show your students respect then your discipline problems are minimal.  I can never repay my students for the memories and lessons I learned those first few years.

I left the alternative school to move to Greenville, SC.  I taught fourth grade while working on my masters.  I graduated with a M.A. in education with a concentration in reading.  I spent the next seven years in fourth grade, followed by three years in fifth grade.

When I got married, my career moved to Atlanta, GA.  Here I taught third grade and EIP (Early Intervention).  While teaching I got my EdS in School Library Media with Instructional Technology Certification.

After having two children rather quickly I now have the pleasure of teaching my two babies every day.  My teaching career in schools has been put on hold, but I still stay immersed in the trends and ideas as I create lessons and units for my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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