Friday, March 4, 2016

The Zen of Teaching Poetry

Poetry Month is quickly approaching.  In the midst of cramming for testing you think, 'I hate poetry! Why am I stressing over teaching it?'

Let me solve that problem for you!  I have 3 units designed to specific grade level Common Core standards.  In addition, I have created monthly poetry literacy centers to keep your students enjoying poetry all year.  Each unit has over 170 pages of detailed lesson plans, assessments, student pages, exemplars, and wall display materials.  The lessons provide an essential question, objective, common core standard, procedures, and assessments.  (Keep reading for FREEBIES and to ENTER the GIVEAWAY for a free unit and April Literacy Center!)

I know many of us fear poetry and symbolism, but poetry is so much FUN and it is the perfect outlet for creativity after spending the morning taking a standardized test.  Your students will be engaged, you will have lesson plans taken care of, and ALL of you will be able to have fun, relax, and enjoy finding a new found love of poetry!

Each unit contains: 
- Over 5 WEEKS of  Lesson Plans aligned with reading, grammar, and writing standards.
- A 40 + page Student Handbook that gives visuals for all lessons, handouts, and poetry templates. 
- Rubrics for Research Poem, Unit Portfolio, and Poetry Choice Board.
- Poetry Choice Board Activity
- Poems written by Jessica Zannini 
- Letter and evaluation for sharing poetry portfolios with parents. 
- Quizzes and Unit Test 
- Essential Question Posters
- I Can Statement Posters
- Vocabulary Word Wall Display 
- Suggested Book/Author/Website List 

- Additional Review Lesson on previously taught standards

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Want to learn more about the specific types of poetry taught and standards covered in each unit? Click the images below to go to each product description.

2nd Grade Poetry Unit

3rd Grade Poetry Unit

4th/5th Grade Poetry Unit

March Poetry Literacy Center 

April Poetry Literacy Center 

So now it is time for prizes and freebies!  Want to win a unit?! Pick the grade-level of your choice to enter and win!  Winners will be announced on March 15th on my Facebook page.  And if you want some free poetry resources now, scroll to the bottom of this post to find links.

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