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My new adventure into poetry has been creating monthly literacy centers.  I have enjoyed the challenge of writing poems and creating engaging activities.  Each month includes 4 poems and 4 activities for each poem.  The activities allow students to conduct science experiments, write poetry, practice testing skills, respond to literature, and research important topics and standards.  The literacy center includes a choice board and an activity board. The choice board allows students to choose 2 of the activities to complete. The activity board gives students a daily assignment to complete Monday-Thursday.  I also include a suggested book and website list for research assignments.

In some months I have included an additional activity that isn't included on the choice and activity boards. For example, in the March Poetry Literacy Center I include an additional activity of growing a shamrock, recording observations, and writing a Found Poem using the students words written in the observations.  This activity requires materials to be purchased and  with time restraints and budgets this isn't always possible.  Therefore, this is added as an addition to the 4 activities for the "Shamrock" poem.

The current literacy centers cover 2nd-3rd grade standards.  The 4th-5th grade will be available soon.  Look for new centers to be posted at the beginning of each month.



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